This was around 10 pm on State of Origin night and the owner ran into the door. By midnight you can see the door results. He had to catch a plane at 5.30 am and both of the Cars were sealed inside the Garage. Once again over 4 decades of experience were needed to bring this one home and with 3 to 4 weeks lead time for a new door it was time to get in and deal with it.

Accidents happen but solutions are available. We are the only ones that do this type of work The fact that we have been doing it through 3 generations and have over 40 years of experience in the industry is key to results like this. By 12.30am they had a fully functional and closing door that they used until a new one could be made.

Doors are very dangerous when they are run into. We are the solution for security and releasing cars from their Tomb, so your life can go on. Can you imagine the pain of having to take Taxis/Ubers for 4 weeks? Contrast that with the ease of making one phone call that mobilises over 40 years of knowledge and skills has you back up and running in just a few short hours. The added benefit is that no one got hurt trying to undo things that will kill you or maim you for life or scare your children because they were helping undo things that should never been undone or getting fingers, arms and even legs caught in the mechanics.

People die in Garage Door accidents every year but it is not publicised. There are also many, many more people badly injured doing things they shouldn’t do because they just had to save money or get their car out now, instead of calling for professional help and getting it fixed safely. We literally save lives where others say it cannot be done and run away. We get it done and we usually save both the doors and the property.

Most people look at this door and the damage done and cannot believe the results and yes they are incredible but sometimes much more damage is done in keeping on trying to move the door after its be compromised. You go from a job costing a thousand to a job costing many thousands of dollars. Our usual turnaround is hours and hours of work. The worst case so far in our 40 years history was 8 hours in total and nothing was further damaged and no loss of life. This can change when people keep trying to shut it when there was never any chance of doing that and one thousand became $5,000 to $10,000 in damages repairs.

So many of these jobs started with not servicing the doors and sorting out problems for the Family. if doors are screaming and screeching then they need the Professor to look at them. If there was a Doctorate in Doors then I would have it. But if you don’t maintain it then call me when it goes wrong. This is far worse in salt air environments or high wear doors.