Collision damage by mechanical failure can be lethal for our Children and Families.

Doors should never be touched. This is because they can fall immediately that movement is attempted as tracks and brackets are loaded beyond their design capacity. This is when jobs go from fixable to complete destruction and they can fall before you can even realize they are going to come down. This job in particular had 3 other companies attend and all stated they could not do anything, or they would have to bring 6 men and a strong elephant to work on the door. One company even asked the Owner if they had even seen the door?

Yes it was extremely dangerous for me to deal with. However with 40+ years of experience my Son and I were able to save the door and their lives – to give them security to close the house up at the beginning of the long weekend. We have access to 3 generations of experience and skills that are achieved by always being the workers doing the work. So we are the ones you call when it needs serious skills. We are not a cheap no skills company that can only do the easy jobs and then barter their charges. We am the one that gets it done and done as cost effectively as it can be done. Some jobs will be expensive according to the damage done but $1,000 is better than a $4,000 to $5,000 job that takes 3 to 4 weeks for the doors to be made.

Accidents happen, but tragedies are caused by poor choices and it’s time to stop and look and think. Send me pictures and I will always give you an honest assessment. If I say do not touch it, then DO NOT TOUCH it, because your lives may depend on it. Remember one thing, I have 40 years of seeing people hit in the face by Steel Brackets whilst they undid things that should never have been touched. The worst part of what I have seen is so many were children helping their Mums or Dads. You cannot go back once your child has been hit in the head or your arm is caught in the cables or panels, or the door has fallen on your cars and needs to be cut up to be removed while scratching the Crap out of them. My warning is it can always get much, much worse. We are on call to save you and your Family. 3 Generations sets us above everyone else in this game. We have no equal in hours in the field, getting it done where all the others run away.