With over 40 + years in Garage Door solutions and 3 generations in personally being the workers that do the work, we are able to get results where no one else can.

We charge for our services and do not give phone advice. We do not compete with the cheapest fly by nighters, as we have seen the damage they do and the carnage they create. We have seen them come and go. We still have relations with the Manufacturers and their products through history. So we know how they work and how they are meant to function, which is a skill that is sadly lost today. This is why our Business is built on Relationships and our contact details are passed around families and friends, because we care and we keep them all safe.

We fix things that are worth fixing instead of just replacing them with equipment that makes more money for the seller, instead of what is best for the owner. We will tell you when you should replace it, if that is your best choice. Only 40 plus years and 3 Generations of Knowledge can advise you when this is your best option. You must maintain your gear or pay the price. We cannot save you from poor choices. We can save you when we honestly advise you what can and will go wrong and then you choose your Family’s future.

Integrity is something you either have or you do not. Only by caring about other peoples’ safety and families, can we sleep at night and take pride in our work. Sometimes jobs come down to telling people they need to spend money and replace things before they fall on them or their loved ones. We do not have a Crystal ball but the 40 years’ experience has taught us to see the fatigue in the equipment and to deal with honesty and integrity with people and their Families. Doors are the single largest moving thing in your Home. They are often not maintained or checked annually like they should be and the results kill every year. Family members and pets often pay the price for this. Yet people will service their cars but not their doors and some doors are much more dangerous than others.

We work on all types of doors and equipment, as well as all brands.