Collision damage is upsetting but the damage can be solved with between 90 to 95 % maximum removed, this means that doors function properly and safely to either give just security until new doors can be made or long term service without the major cost and upheaval of replacement, we have doors that are 30 years older then when they suffered massive damage like this and still are running great.

Often people prefer this massively cheaper solution then the replacement, But the keys are over 40 + years of Knowledge around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast solving Collision and Rust issues that  plaque the doors. Doors that are damaged must all be inspected and serviced which is far cheaper then the public liability costs when you kill or injure someone because you did not fix it, From the time doors are collided with they begin to stress and Buckle and then Crack so by us performing our magic we greatly increase the safety, the reliability and the long term prospects of the door continuing to function and save you money.

WE only use Australian Made parts which makes it a little more costly but it also means we can source parts locally instead of it cannot be repaired because they no longer manufacture that one in China.

SO chose local Family with ethics or Chinese parts with no local connections because its cheaper, I do not do cheap and I do not sell my soul for a dollar, I do the best work at the right price and that is why Customers recommend us all over the place to Family and Friends as well we are the only ones with over 40 + years in Collision damage and its something we are very proud of as no one knows what we know and this goes across all parts of the Garage door industry.