Local Family Business Professional Garage Door Service ​

Our expert Emergency Maintenance team are available 24 Hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems. promptly and competently!

With over 40 years experience these are just some of the things we do:- Repair Garage Doors and Motors;

  • We repair Collision Garage doors around Brisbane and Sunshine Coast;
  • We Repair remote control systems for Garage doors and Sunshine Coast;
  • B&D Authorized and Trained Repairer Brisbane and Sunshine Coast;
  • Gliderol Authorized Repairer;
  • Steeline and Boss Authorized Repairer;
  • Merlin Trained and Chamberlian Repairer;
  • We repair and remove door damage up to 95%;



Doors are very dangerous when they are run into. We are the solution for security and releasing cars. We can successfully repair most doors, but sometimes much more damage is done in continuing to try to move the door after it’s been compromised.



Collision damage by mechanical failure can be lethal for our Children and Family. Doors should never be touched. They can fall immediately when movement is attempted, as tracks and brackets are loaded beyond their design capacity. They can fall before you can even realize they are going to come down.



We do all sorts of complicated door installations from property lines to low head room door solutions. Each one is unique in terms of the needs of the owners. We pride ourselves on having 40 + years of knowledge and solutions.




Contact us today for a no obligation consultation to discuss your garage door repairs or installation on 0466 716 830.


Judy from Caloundra

Living near the sea, our garage door rusts more quickly than city garage doors. We recently had to replace our garage door and we used Betta Door Services. They talked us through the process of replacing the garage door and keeping in contact regarding the progress of when the door would be delivered and installed. We plan to use Betta Doors to have our new door serviced regularly in the future.

Michelle from Deception Bay

We have used Betta Doors Services for years. Mum used them before me. Then when I got my own place, I started to use them also. They are prompt and reliable and easy to deal with. We have recommended them to the rest of the family and to friends.

Tony from McDowall

When I accidently ran into my garage door, I thought that I would have to buy a completely new door. I heard about Betta Door Services and that they repair collision damaged garage doors. I contacted them, sending through photos of my damaged door. From the photos, they knew that they could repair my door to 95% of its original state. That sounded reasonable to me, so I got them out and I am very pleased with the results. I have recommended Betta Door Services to family and friends.

Clive from North Lakes

When I have problems with my garage door, I call Betta Door Services. I have been using them for years and am really happy with the service I receive. I get my door serviced regularly to keep it in the best condition. I like to keep up the maintenance on my door as it is one piece of equipment that I don’t want to have any major problems with.

Cheryl from Kenmore

My garage door was stuck and wouldn’t come down. I called Betta Door Services and asked them to come out and fix it. They were prompt and reliable. Also they explained things to me in terms that I could understand. I have had dealings with tradespeople in the past who have talked ‘down’ to me because I am a woman. It was wonderful to have someone clearly explain what was wrong and what they were doing to fix it.

Fred from Mt Gravatt

My wife had backed into our garage door and dented it. We found Betta Door Services on the internet when we were doing a search on dented garage door repairs. We got them out and were very satisfied with the results. They only guaranteed to repair the door to 95% of it’s original state. The repair looks great to us. For us it was a much better solution than having the door dented or having to buy a completely new door at this time.

George from Rush Creek

I have an old garage door. I wanted to have it repaired.  The first company that came out said that I would have to buy a completely new door. I called Betta Door services. They had the parts and were able to repair my door this time.  I will have to buy a new garage door in the future and will definitely use Betta Door Services when I need to do that.

Kate from Carindale

Our garage door broke early one morning.  I was upset as I had to take the kids to school and then get to work.  With the door not functioning, I was unable to get my car out of the garage.  I called Betta Door Services. They came promptly and got my car out of the garage so that I was no longer stuck.  Then they worked on repairing the garage door.  I was very happy with their prompt, efficient service and have recommended them to my friends.